Get your ebook/book noticed and sold!

What Is This All About?

You may be an author or a publisher and, either way, you want more books and ebooks sold, right?

If you’re an author, click here and if you’re a publisher, click here to get more information written just for you.

Either way, this is the place to be.

You can either look through our recommended resources (services and experts) or through our library of great references and guides to support you in selling.

You can join our program (if you’re a publisher then we can support you in getting your authors to promote/sell more books and ebooks) and receive weekly opportunities to forward your efforts.

In a short period of time, you can get a 100% return on your investment.

Here is a list of things you will receive instruction on how to do…

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4 Comments Already

  1. ELLEN REID says:


  2. Brian Bartes says:

    This is great, Dan! I can’t wait begin using your tools, techniques, and strategies to sell more copies of Life Lessons!!


  3. Joe Wasyyk says:


    I need your help to get my new book out. I have a printed book version, an eBook version and a PDF version. I am based in Canada but I would like to spread my ‘Seniorpreneur Project’ around the World. My mission is to eradicate Seniors Poverty everywhere and to empower Seniors 50 Plus to become entrepreneurs through Lifelong Learning.

    Please advise.


    Joe W.

    • Joseph Dowdy says:

      Hi Joe,

      I think you’re in the right place. If you need my help, then go ahead and get signed up! How else can I help you?


      PS: I love your mission!

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