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Writing a book is a solitary act, which may be why book writing appeals to introverts. Selling a book requires the outgoing gregariousness of extroverts and therein lays the conflict.

As Dan Poynter has been reminding us for years:

“It does not matter if you sell out to a large New York publisher or publish yourself, the author must do the promotion. The large six publishers in New York manufacture and distribute. They do not promote books.”

So what is an author to do?

The major challenge is getting your book read, enjoyed, and recommended. That is called, “benefiting from word of mouth.”

Authors need help; they need to be shown how to let their potential readers know about their book. And the methods have to be fast, easy and cheap.

Help is on the way.

Dan Poynter’s Para Promotion Program is designed to educate authors and bring attention to their books. The system starts with scores of tested ways to promote books. Authors discover how to promote their current book and their next and their next.

Is this program for ebooks only?

While most books today are ebooks, we hope your book is also available in other editions such as paper, audiobook, LARGE PRINT, App, etc.

Any publicity you receive for one edition will help sell the other editions.

We will send you assignments on Thursdays, (unless you request a different day) recognizing that many authors have day jobs and work on publishing on the weekends.

Some of these assignments will be new to you and some will not—especially if you have been publishing for several years. If you have already joined this or built that, check what you have done, clean it up, and then take the rest of the week off.

Do not skip these weekly assignments. Your book is counting on you.

Will you accept our coaching? We recognize that many authors will procrastinate, postpone, delay, and forget to get around to supporting their book. That is one reason why we are sending one, small assignment each week. We are not sending a book or report (that you will never get around to reading or implementing.) Some of the3 promotion opportunities will take just a few minutes and some will take more time. Again, we are breaking up the assignments so that you will not be overwhelmed with work to do (and learn).

Some of you have more money than time. You want to hire someone to implement these assignments for you. We want you and your book to succeed and we would prefer you implement these promotion suggestions yourself so that you will learn how easy and fun our type of promotion can be—especially for the introverted author.

If you still can’t devote the time to your book on a particular assignment, contact Gail Kearns, who can help you. Since each project is unique, there are different costs for each one.

Gail Kearns
+1-805-898-2263 Office

Dan Poynter’s promise to you. This program is so different you will be overjoyed. You will meet people in your “tribe;” readers who love your subject as much as you do. You will be treated as a celebrity because you are the author of a book in their favorite field.

Ready to get started on training opportunities
to get your publication marketed and sold?

First, you’ll need to purchase your membership and then you will add yourself to our mailing list.

Once you are on our mailing list, you will receive your first training opportunity and then you will be given an assignment each week for nearly a year. Here’s to your success!


Price: $497. Use the button above.

If you prefer an installment plan, click here.

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  1. Danette Roux says:

    My book is almost ready in e form. Do i start this course or wait for it to be 100% ready?

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